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Premium Leather Grade 2

LIFEFORM uses only the finest Full Grain Natural hides for our Premium Leather Grade 2 offering.  The term Full Grain refers to leather that has not been altered by sanding, buffing or splitting. Full Grain leather retains the grain layer; original texture and markings that naturally occur during the lifetime of the animal and create a one-of-a-kind look for each upholstered product.  Breathability is an important characteristic of Full Grain leather.  Due to its intact grain and pore structure, Full Grain leather breathes.  The leather adjusts to temperature and wicks away moisture and body heat, making it very comfortable to sit on.

Hallmarks of Natural Leather.  Natural Full Grain leather features unique signatures that make every piece of furniture bespoke.  As individual as a fingerprint, each hide of leather is distinctive in its markings.  This imbues beauty and serves as evidence of it’s authenticity.  Leather is a natural material, so that each hide is unique in its markings and consistency.  Not only will each hide’s markings be different, but also the color and texture – sometimes growing darker around the edges of the hide of down the middle, and grain texture growing small to large – all within one hide.  Dyes are absorbed differently throughout the hide and some color variation is normal and to be expected.  Color variation ranges from slight in pigmented top-coat protected finish (like Deer Run), to distinct in semi or full aniline finished leathers with no top-coat color pigments (like Brighton, Contarni, Echo, Harness, Mont Blanc and Providence).  With regular use, as the leather fibres relax, we expect that puddling may occur in the areas that receive the most body contact, such as seat and back cushions.  All these signs serve as more evidence of the leather’s authenticity and should be no cause for concern.  Leathers with a “waxy” or “pull-up” finish, will continue to change appearance as the leather ages, responds to your lifestyle and the way you use your furniture.  This is often referred to as “Patina” or the soft sheen that develops on the surface of the leather over time.  Typical characteristics found in Natural Full Grain Premium Leather are (but not limited to): Vein Lines, Horn Butts, Scrapes & Healed Scars, Fat Wrinkles, Skin Blemishes & Bug Bites, Color Variation and Grain Variation.

Full Grain is often confused with Top Grain, but Top Grain leather simply comes from the uppermost portion of a hide which has been split into layers and sold as two different products: Top Grain and Split Leather.  Thus Top Grain leather is inferior in comparison to Full Grain Leather.

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Mont Blanc


Premium Leather Grade 1

LIFEFORM offers Premium Leather Grade 1 Top Grain Leather with an applied finish for excellent color consistency and beautiful added pebble grain for extra dimension and texture.  Available in an extensive range of colors, it is marked by a silky smooth and draped hand that exudes a more modern aesthetic and is ideal for high traffic applications.

Standard Leather

LIFEFORM offers Corrected Top Grain Leather as an alternative in cost and aesthetics to our Premium Leathers.  Corrected Top Grain Leather is the uppermost portion of a split hide.  It undergoes a light buffing process to facilitate the absorption of the dyes into the leather, to minimize surface blemishes on the hide and which then has a grain embossed onto the surface of the hide for a consistent appearance.  Corrected Grain leather is often preferred for use in projects where uniform color and texture desired.



The aesthetics and durability of UltraFabrics® brand products make them a brilliant leather alternative with incredible quality. UltraFabrics® utilizes efficient manufacturing processes that are based on conservation of raw materials, toxic-free solutions, and minimal dependency on natural resources. As harmony with human and environmental integration is the nature of this brand, the breathability, PVC free, and the low VOC performance attributes of UltraFabrics® products ensure a sustainable presence within your inner and outer environment.  LIFEFORM’s selections of UltraFabrics feature the Takumi Technology which engineers mastered performance directly into the fabric from the start.  Synonymous with luxury, durability and ease of care, this unique design also touts thermal comfort – creating a comfortable, neutral body temperature regardless of the setting.

Ultraleather Pro

Dream Weave

Dream Weave patterns are high performance 4 way stretch knit fabrics that allow extra comfort and movement to enhance the performance of our LIFE-Foam Memory Foam.  Dream Weave fabric is knit to our specifications so there are few to no seams on the chairs as compared with traditional upholstery fabrics.  Due to the unique knit specifications of Dream Weave fabrics they produce little no waste during production.  Dream Weave products upholster beautifully and are suitable for residential, office, high traffic and contract seating.  All patterns, with the exception of Meridian, are made with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester and are Certified Carbon Neutral.  All Dream Weave fabrics are proudly made in the USA.







LIFEFORM offers upholstery fabrics as a tailored alternative to our Dream Weave options and an economical substitute to our UltraFabric and Leather Upgrades.

Staccato Fabric

Intuition Fabric

Simulated Leather

Simulated leather is excellent for those applications where fabric would be unsuitable because of exposure to moisture and soil, heavy traffic areas, or in medical applications where cleaning needs to be done more frequently.  Our simulated leather fabrics are available in an extensive color range.

Nauga Soft

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