• Ultimate Executive – High Back 2390 Chair

Ultimate Executive Chair – High Back

Model No. 2390
Your Chair. Your Way.


By adapting to every task and position, Lifeform® Ultimate Executive High-Back chair will support you through your daily activities in comfort and style. Each Ultimate Executive chair is engineered to provide a lifetime of reliable comfort. Our chairs provide an extensive range of ergonomic adjustable features to ensure a custom fit.

We believe style is as important as comfort and you also have the pleasure of personalizing your chair to fit your own individual style! All our chairs are custom-built and hand-made using only the highest quality components.

Area Dimensions

Height: 48.5” – 53.5”
Area: 25.5” – 29.5”

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Standard Chair Features – 2390


Upholstery – Dream Weave™, Staccato (Black only), NaugaSoft® (Black only), UltraFabrics, Standard Leather and Premium Leather Grades 1 & 2.


Built-in Head Rest.


Schukra® Lumbar Support; Lateral Shaped Back with LIFE-Foam™ Memory Foam; Ratchet Back Height Adjustment.


Upholstered LIFE-Foam™ Memory Foam Arm Pads with Swivel Function; Height and Width Adjustable Arm Brackets.


LIFE-Foam™ Memory Foam Contoured Seat with High Density Foam Core to prevent bottoming out.


Heavy Duty Knee Tilt Control Mechanism featuring: Forward Tilt Function – allows user to sit upright with feet planted on the ground, while the seat is pitched forward, encouraging proper posture – feature can be locked out at any time.  Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment – allows user to lift or lower height of chair into various positions. Infinite Tilt Lock Function – allows user to freely rock forward and backward or lock chair into any position.  Seat Slider Depth Adjustment Feature.


27″ Five Star Base for strength and stability, 65mm Dual Wheel Casters for smooth operation.

Chair Features Sheet



Complete with:

  • Clip Height Adjustable Height Arms
  • Upholstered Ergo-M Pads with LIFE-Foam™ Memory Foam Padding and Swivel Function
  • Fully Upholstered Back Rest with Schukra® Lumbar Support and LIFE-Foam™ Memory Foam
  • Contour Seat Pan (21”Wx20”D) with LIFE-Foam™ Memory Foam
  • Ratchet Back Height Adjustment
  • KTHD-SS: Heavy Duty Knee Tilt Multi-Function Mechanism
  • 1.5” High Taper Gas Lift Height Adjustment
  • 27” Diameter Ventra Style 5-Star Base with 65mm Casters
  • Backs are made from 100% Recycled Plastics.

Standard Model: Dream Weave, Fabric or Simulated Leather – starts at $2,095

Standard Model: UltraFabrics – starts at $2,495

Standard Model: Regular Leather – starts at $2,595

Standard Model: Premium Leather* – starts at $2,895

Standard Model (shown): Premium Leather* Grade 2 – starts at $2,995

* Embossed Leather available as an Insert Only – see Personalization for pricing

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Ultimate Executive High Back Features & Benefits:

  • Built in Headrest – Provides constant support of head while reclining. Alleviates muscle strain and discomfort.
  • Schukra® Lumbar Support – Encourages “S” shaped spine, which reduces pressure on disks between the vertebrae. Enables optimization of shape of backrest to fit curvature of the spine around lower back.
  • 100% Recycled Plastic Back Frame – Great for the environment but also provides incredible strength, stability and durability.
  • Lateral Shaped Back with LIFE-Foam™ Memory Foam – Supports/cups backrest while memory foam reduces pressure points and aids circulation.
  • Ratchet Back Height Adjustment – Adjustability enables you to achieve optimum back posture and support. Allows backrest to be adjusted so Lumbar Support fits properly in the lower back.
  • Upholstered LIFE-Foam™ Memory Foam Filled Arm Pads – Provides soft and extremely comfortable padding, which reduces pressure points on elbows and enhances comfort for users with sensitivity issues like Elbow Tendonitis.
  • Arm Pad Swivel Function – Allows user to rest wrists and forearms comfortably while typing.
  • Height and Width Adjustable Arm Brackets – Provides support when not using keyboard to minimize tension build up in the shoulders. Optimizes the lateral proximity of the armrest to you.
  • Contoured Seat – Designed to redistribute the body’s weight over a larger area, pressure points are reduced in troublesome places like the back of the thighs and tailbone.
  • High Density Foam Core – Prevents the foam from collapsing and “bottoming” out.
  • Temperature and Pressure Sensitive LIFE-Foam™ Memory Foam Seat and Back Rest – Conforms to your body’s unique contours to further reduce pressure on your bones and joints.
  • Front Waterfall Edge – Our signature moulded foam design offers greater support and comfort with unrestricted blood circulation behind the knees.
  • Knee-Tilt Control Mechanism – Our multi-function mechanism features a deep reclining feature, which is lockable in any infinite position.
  • Back Angle Adjustment – Allows the back angle to be opened up which encourages blood flow through the pelvis. When shoulders are back, the chest is open, thereby exchanging more oxygenated blood to the brain. Subsequently less mistakes are made, you feel more alert and productive.
  • Tilt & Tilt Lock Function – Allows user to freely rock forward and backward or lock chair into any infinite position.  Enables you to position your pelvis above your knees, opening the pelvic angle which improves “S” shape of spine when sitting, reducing load on spine and improving blood flow.
  • Forward Tilt Lock Adjustment – Allows user to sit forward with back supported and lumbar engaged.  Easily disengaged to returned to neutral sitting position.
  • Tilt Tension Adjustment – Provides an individual fit, so that rocking sensation supports and holds the user’s bodyweight fully.
  • Seat Height Adjustment – Ensures proper height, hips should be slightly higher than the knees also opens the pelvis allowing blood to flow freely through upper and lower body.
  • Seat Slider Depth Adjustment – allows user to adjust seat depth up to 2” forward. Optimum seated position should be a minimum space of two finger widths behind the knee, which encourages blood flow behind the knees.
  • 27” Diameter Five Star Base – Provides strength and stability of the chair.
  • Dual Wheel Carpet Casters – Ensure smooth rolling on low pile commercial type carpeting.  For use on Hard Floor Surfaces inquire about our Soft Wheel Casters (safe for use on: Tile, Hardwood even Plastic Chair Mats)
  • (Optional) Therma-Guard™ Temperature Regulating Technology – Phase Change Materials (PCM’s) prevent the chair from overheating. Long-term temperature regulation offers immediate, ongoing, measurable and noticeable results and lasts throughout the lifetime of the product.

Ergonomic Chair Function

This Video demonstration is for Chair Models 2390, 2490 and 3500.


Forward Tilt Lockout: allows user to engage or lock out Forward Tilt feature. Forward Tilt Function allows chair to tilt forward so user may achieve a comfortable working position that maintains proper circulation, reducing pressure on legs and thighs. This paddle/handle is the forward most on the chair mechanism. Tilt back and move lockout lever forward or backward to allow or lock out forward tilt feature.

Forward Tilt Lockout


Infinite Tilt Lockout: allows user to freely rock forward, backward or lock chair into any comfortable position. Tilt lock lever is located at front right of mechanism. Lifting paddle up allows chair to free float. Pushing paddle down locks chair in desired position.

Infinite Tilt Lockout


Seat Height: To Raise: with no weight on seat, lift middle paddle on right side. Seat will raise until you release the paddle or the seat reaches its maximum height. To Lower: while sitting on chair, lift middle paddle. Seat will lower until you release the paddle or the seat reaches its minimum height.

Seat Height 


Infinite Back Angle: allows user to adjust angle of backrest while seated. Lift paddle and hold in upward position to engage, then release to lock paddle in any infinite position.

Infinite Back Angle


Back Height: allows user to adjust height of backrest while seated.  Simply lift the backrest upwards to reach desired height. To reset the cycle, firmly lift the backrest until maximum height is reached, where the internal mechanism will reset and the back will drop down.

Back Height


Tilt Tension: allows user to adjust the ease of recline. Tilt Tension Handle is located on left side of the mechanism. Turning the handle clockwise or counter-clockwise increases or decreases tilt tension.

Tilt Tension


Seat Slider Function: allows user to adjust the seat depth as preferred or for multi-user situations. Paddle located on left side of mechanism. Hold paddle upward to unlock seat slider. Pull seat forward or rearward to increase or decrease seat depth. Release the paddle at desired position to lock.

Seat Slider Function


Adjustable Lumbar Support: allows user to increase or decrease lumber pressure. *Schukra® Lumbar handle is located on right side on the outside of the backrest. To maximize lumbar pressure, push lumbar handle downward. To minimize lumbar pressure, lift handle upward.

Adjustable Lumbar Support


360 Degree Swivel: Your Lifeform chair rotates 360 degrees without obstruction. Use your feet to turn yourself around.

360 Degree Swivel


Height and Width Adjustable Arms: allows arm height and width adjustment. To adjust height, lift finger pull on outside of arm structure, then pull up to raise arms or push down to lower. To adjust width, loosen hand wheels located under arm bracket under the seat. Pull or push arms in our out. Tighten hand wheels when desired location is achieved.

Height and Width Adjustable Arms


Arm Swivel: to swivel arm pad inward, gently push on outside of arm pad. Push on inside to swivel out. Always make sure your arm pads are pushed completely outward before sitting down in your chair. Not doing so may result in damage.

Arm Swivel

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