Stand out

In a world where so much is mass produced through assembly line technology and designed to become obsolete in the near future, owning a monogrammed LIFEFORM® Chair will make you stand out from the crowd.

History of monograms

Monograms date back to Greek and Roman times. They are the oldest form of identification in the world, serving many functions from social status to signatures for royals and artists to a form of currency in the barter system. Louis Vuitton’s son Georges was the monogram creator of the now-famous “LV” logo, developed as a way to prevent counterfeiting of the Parisian company’s designer luggage. The two interlocking “C’s” helped transform the legendary designer Coco Chanel into an international symbol of elegance and wealth. (source: Monogram History)

Why monogram?

Monogramming started out as a practical method of identifying property. Today, it’s evolved into an excellent branding tool for your personal identity. Adding a monogram to your LIFEFORM Chair (each chair is handmade and customized to suit your needs) makes it that more individual–it tells the story of who you are or who you want to be. An already individualized chair becomes even more ‘bespoke’.

And if you’re purchasing a LIFEFORM Chair as a gift for someone, adding a monogram is a wonderful way to show how much thought you’ve put into your purchase. It can be a reminder of special occasions and milestones.

Monogramming etiquette

 A monogram consists of a person’s initials — usually a variation on the first, middle, and last name. Here are the traditional guidelines to monogramming, along with non-traditional ones, so you can make your own monogram tell a story about you.

Which Initials and in what order?

 Single Monograms

Single-initial monograms typically use the last name.

Example for John Smith:



 Two Initial Monograms

Two-initial monograms combine the first and last initials.

Example for John Smith:



 Three Initial Monograms

Probably the most classic of traditional monograms, the three letter monogram has the most options. Two examples are:

Traditional Women

First, LAST, Middle.

Example for Jane Rose Smith:



Traditional Men

First, MIDDLE, Last.

Example for John Arthur Smith:



It is also correct to put a man’s surname.

For more options on the three initial monogram, please refer to our

LIFEFORM Monogram Guide

Customize your chair even more

 Go one step further and choose a font that suits your personality and taste. Here’s an example of some of our font choices:

LIFEFORM Chairs offers a range of options to choose from, along with many gorgeous thread colours to add the perfect finish to your monogram. Visit our LIFEFORM Font Guide to see our complete selection of fonts.

Show pride of ownership and express your individuality with a monogrammed custom-built LIFEFORM Chair!

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