Personalization – Making every detail count

All our customers get the opportunity to tailor any LIFEFORM® chair to their specific taste and style.
So go ahead make your LIFEFORM® chair a reflection of your unique style.


Ultimate Wood package

Choose from Cherry, Walnut, Black or Natural – wooden Base and Arm Pad Accent and matching upholstered arm sleeves add a warm and luxurious custom look.


Ultimate Silver package

Silver enameled components paired with Polished Aluminum Ventra Base. Choose from upgrade Viper or Chrome Plated Casters. Includes matching upholstered arm sleeves for a sleek modern look.



Quilting is done with painstaking attention to detail, making your chair truly iconic.


Two-Tone Combinations

Personalize your upholstery with Two-Tone color contrasts. The options are endless, combine shiny or matte leather types to create texture contrasts, or choose Red and Black for a sporty look. The only limit is your imagination!

Two-Tone Premium Embossed Leather

Two-Tone Premium Embossed Leather

Same as regular Two-Tone Combinations but with the use of Premium Embossed Leathers. Choose from Embossed Basket Weave, Alligator or Lizard Design, Floral & Filigree Patterns as well as Perforated.


Customers Own Fabric (COM)

An option for customers who seek to provide their own unique covering. There is no additional charge to use COM Materials, however take note that LIFEFORM cannot offer any warranty on the upholstery.


Contrast Piping

Contrast Piping adds an element of traditional sophistication to your chair, tracing every curve or angle with a bit of highlighting. It brings out the shapes, playing up the graceful contours of
your chair.


Thick Contrast Stitching

Bring an understated but up-scale tailored look to your chair with the addition of stylish contrast stitching. This option is a more subtle way to highlight the architecture and adds that extra hint of finesse, to finish first-rate craftsmanship.


Embroider your logo or design
Call for a Quote

From elegant designs to logo or corporate branding your chair will be as unique as you.
Our master craftsman will assist in perfecting your designs to your requirements.



There’s a certain kind of sophistication that comes with a monogram. Personalize your chair with a combination of 1, 2 or 3 initials. Visit our resource to learn more.

Not all options are available for all chairs. Refer back to the upgrade page to see available upgrades for your chair model.

Want to discuss a custom solution? Get in touch – we’re ready to help.