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What if there was a chair that eliminated the discomfort of long hours of sitting but also looked beautiful in your office? With Lifeform, you can experience exactly that – a comfortable chair that never compromises when it comes to style.

Our striking advancements in the science of office ergonomics allow you to adjust your chair to several comfortable positions that support your whole body. With customization and personalization options, you can tailor your Lifeform chair to your personal taste. Customization, function and aesthetics result in one-of-a-kind chairs that feel great, and look great too.

Ergonomics, which is the science of how people work, involves creating safe, comfortable workspaces where people can be more productive. We take it a step further by custom molding your chair to your unique Ergonomic needs, resulting in a chair that fits and supports your whole body and distributes weight evenly. Our solutions can prevent and alleviate back pain, neck stiffness, shoulder tension and body fatigue, leaving you with more energy.

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