Restore the natural motion that is missing from the modern workplace. Imagine transforming all those hours in your office chair into health-enhancing activity…

The human body is designed to be in motion, yet 70% of us sit for the majority of our time at work. What if there was a chair that eliminated the discomfort of body cramping, neck and shoulder aches, and lower back pain while you sit?

Lifeform chairs with Corflex technology transforms sitting into healthy activity.

Designed in consultation with one of the busiest Spinal Health Centers in Canada, the Core-flex chair is unlike any chair you have ever tried. Its patented Dual-flex seat allows natural, balanced movement for your legs, pelvis, and core, and the results are astounding. From the first moment you sit down, you will understand why modern ergonomic research emphasizes the need for motion.


The Core-flex™ technology incorporates a small range of natural motion into a chair so that core muscles are stimulated, comfort is improved, and circulation is increased. Most of the discomfort and back pain experienced by the seated worker is caused by the inability of the body to move naturally and keep the postural muscles engaged. Research shows that the shifting of weight from one leg to the other is the body’s natural mechanism for avoiding core muscle exhaustion. Even when standing still, our bodies naturally shift weight from side-to-side twice per minute on average.

When we sit down, we disengage the body’s balancing mechanism of the leg/pelvis/core musculature. Without this natural motion, the postural support muscles become exhausted and the spinal column soon collapses into the slumped position. The standard reclining office chair changes the direction of pressure on the spinal column, and provides temporary relief from lower back pain, but does not move the large muscles and joints of the leg and pelvis or engage the core muscles. The ultimate solution to sitting discomfort and back pain is to re-engage postural support muscles while sitting by providing natural motion to the legs, pelvis, and core. When the core muscles are engaged through motion, they maintain the back in a healthier posture, and stimulate the rest of the physiology as well.

The Dual-flex seat:

The alternating motion of the split seat stimulates natural movement and increased circulation in the largest muscles of the body, especially in those we sit on. Your body naturally wants to shift its weight every 30 seconds or so to allow the support muscles in your torso to alternate support duties constantly. Sitting with one leg slightly lower than the other off-weights the opposite ischia, or tail bone. The slight motion of lowering the other leg changes weight distribution, with no distraction. Most people find themselves doing this automatically within a day. The benefits of this simple, natural motion over an entire work day are noticeable immediately:

  • Prevents swelling and cramping in the lower legs
  • Promotes circulation and constant pressure redistribution in the buttocks
  • Stimulates pelvic tilting and muscular engagement at the base of the spine
  • Actively engages core muscles more effectively than sitting on an exercise ball

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