About us

For over 30 years LIFEFORM has delivered quality products to their customers.

LIFEFORM manufactures office seating and wood furniture for the modern office environment. Founded in 1976, LIFEFORM initially built residential furniture, gradually moving into office furniture, which since the mid 1980’s, has become the entire focus of the business. For five generations, the Mortensen family has been handcrafting furniture of the finest quality. During that time, they’ve proven their solid understanding of what it takes to build a great chair. Sumptuous leather. Sturdy fabrics. Precise stitching. Exquisite detailing. The best available components. Uncompromising craftsmanship. An emphasis on ergonomics. And an unrelenting willingness to stand behind every chair
we build.


…Sit back, close your eyes and experience the excellence of five generations of furniture manufacturing; taking the craft back to a small town in Europe. To a time when a shopkeeper was just as proud of keeping the sidewalk out front of his shop clean as the quality and workmanship of his product. At LIFEFORM, we believe that the right furniture is essential to your well being whether at work or at leisure. Our mission is to bring to the marketplace the best quality products, using our generations of knowledge and craftsmanship. We hope you enjoy your furniture as much as our family has enjoyed making it. Through our past, we manufacture the quality to take us into the future…


LIFEFORM is one of North America’s leading office furniture manufacturers, with more than 150 dealers across the continent. For over 30 years LIFEFORM has delivered quality products to customers, including some of the world’s best known companies and famous individuals. With four decades in business, LIFEFORM has proven itself reliable in quality made products and exceptional customer service.

Products Offered

LIFEFORM offers a complete line of ergonomic seating.
~ Task & Management Seating
~ Executive Seating
~ Custom Design Seating
~ Boardroom & Conference Seating