Incorporating ergonomics into your life.

Our bodies are designed for motion, they are designed to move, run and to be active. Yet most of us today are professional sitters...

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The NEW evolution is ergonomics

What if... there was a chair that eliminated the discomfort of body cramping, neck and shoulder aches plus lower back pain while you sit?

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Your office chair says a lot about who you are so never sacrifice your style.

Our environment.

At Lifeform every component and material has been carefully selected. All of our major components are North American made…

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Style without compromise.

Lifeform has built in some striking advancements in the science of office ergonomics, designed to prevent and alleviate back pain, neck stiffness…

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Our Seal. Our Promise.

Every Lifeform chair bears our stamp of integrity – your assurance that Lifeform stands behind every chair we build.

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Welcome to LIFEFORM. We offer personalized custom office chairs tailored specifically to the individual’s needs. LIFEFORM is one of North America’s leading furniture manufacturers of modern executive office chairs, with more than 150 dealers across the continent. If you’re searching for superior seating solutions, look no further than LIFEFORM. Offering customization in function and aesthetics has given us the edge in the marketplace, providing customers with solutions they cannot find anywhere else today.

For over 30 years LIFEFORM has delivered quality products to customers, including some of the world’s best known companies and famous individuals. Family owned and operated, and founded in 1976, LIFEFORM manufactures custom office chairs for the modern executive office. By incorporating principles instilled by the generations before them, LIFEFORM provides customers with a winning combination of quality products and customer service. For personalized custom office chairs call LIFEFORM today.

We pride ourselves on consistently providing top quality personalized office chairs. We know you’ll enjoy your furniture as much as our family enjoys making it. The key to any successful company is its products. A good quality product is a reflection of the hard work and craftsmanship put into it. At LIFEFORM, we believe that the right custom office chairs are essential to our clients’ well being. Our mission is to bring to the marketplace the best quality products, using our generations of knowledge and craftsmanship.